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Is there a student in your home that is a graduating HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR who is preparing to enter college?

Is there a COLLEGE STUDENT in your home who needs financial assistance to remain in school?

Are you wondering how are you going to pay for their college education? 

If you answered "yes", please encourage your students to apply for these scholarships especially for scholars who are living in Public or Assisted housing (Section 8).

Southwest NAHRO Scholarship Program Open - Deadline - March Annually

2024 Scholarship Applications Due March, 22, 2024

Scholarship Application with accompanying documentation and information must be submitted directly to:

Southwest NAHRO Scholarship Program
12246 FM 1769
Graham, TX 76450
Send via email to Southwest NAHRO Scholarship Program 

(Please make sure pictures of the applicant are scanned well enough to utilize in a PowerPoint presentation if the applicant is awarded a scholarship.)

Please encourage individuals to participate in the application process and remind them to utilize the checklist to ensure the necessary documentation indicated is included prior to submitting their complete application.

Thank you for your support of this great endeavor to provide scholarship opportunities.

For questions about the scholarship program, contact the scholarship chair:

Milet Hopping
Email Milet Hopping
254.752.0324 ext. 280

THA (Texas Housing Association) Scholarships - Deadline - March Annually

THA provides each year up to 4 college scholarships and 4 trade school scholarships of $4,000 each to deserving graduating senior children of PHA staff.

We have two separate scholarship application forms: one for those interested in attending a college or university; one for those interested in technical or trade school options, including building trades, computer programming, medical and dental technician training, cosmetology and hair styling, etc.

NAHRO Merit College Scholarship/NAHRO-LDG Scholars Program - Deadline - Contact Regional Representative

  • Three (3) $12,000 scholarships over four years to assist with tuition and fees which will also include:
  • $3,000 a year for up to three years, as a summer internship stipend
  • Networking opportunities with business and community leaders 

PHADA Scholarship Programs - Deadline - January Annually

Three scholarships will be awarded:

Stephen J. Bollinger Memorial Scholarship ($7,000) 
The scholarship will be awarded at the PHADA Annual Convention and Exhibition. The winner will also receive a trip for him/herself and one parent/guardian to attend the convention. 

Freedom & Civil Rights Scholarship ($5,000)
Students must submit a personal essay (350-500 words) demonstrating their efforts and achievements in furthering the values of the civil rights movement. Explain why the cause is still relevant in communities today and how they relate to your educational goals. Include any relevant volunteer experiences and community involvement activities relating to advancing the cause of civil rights.

Nan McKay Pathway to Achievement Scholarship ($5,000)
The scholarships will be awarded by the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association (PHADA), which is an organization of 1900 housing authorities across the United States. PHADA also serves as an advocate before the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on a variety of regulations governing public housing nationwide.